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EDUNIO is suitable for any organization that wants to train, educate, and inform employees online.

The wide range of settings and functionalities enable EDUNIO to perform even the most demanding tasks within the complicated organization of education in large corporations.

The possibility of individual settings, an intuitive environment for all user roles, and easy creation of your own content meet the requirements even for medium and small organizations.

EDUNIO is therefore for everyone; the only limit for the smallest organizations may be the minimum price of the platform. For simple online training of employees in the field of legal training (OHS, FP, Driver Training, First Aid, GDPR, Home Office, etc.), we also offer our simple INSTRUCTOR platform.


All they need to do is to be able to communicate with EDUNIO via commonly used standards (SCORM).


To simplify data management and ensure easy login for users, we offer an EDUNIO connection to any other IT system.

So far, we have managed to successfully face all the challenges and we have connected EDUNIO with all systems with regard to client requirements.

Sometimes it's easier, at other times it takes some time. It usually depends mainly on the support of the customer's IT system. If your communications and required work need to travel around the world through the use of a global system, our solution can be more time-consuming.

Do not hesitate to contact us for details.


However, the vast majority of customers prefer the Cloud.

And we do too :-)

In several ways. And the simplest possible ones.

  • PPT Learning - make courses easily in PowerPoint or Keynotes.
  • Course Builder - create courses directly in EDUNIO.
  • Test Builder - in EDUNIO you can conveniently create your own tests.
  • DMS - if you "only" need to familiarize employees with a document, you can use the DMS module.
  • Knihovna a Katalog kurzů - in addition to the content that employees will be required to complete, build a clear corporate information base in EDUNIO.

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We will set up your online education, train you, connect EDUNIO with your IT systems, and always provide you with immediate support. We listen carefully to your feedback during the development.

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