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Organizational structureUser groups

Organize users clearly into groups by entities, locations, jobs, etc.

What is it good for?

Thanks to the organizational structure, you can easily and clearly share education and information (assignment of courses, tests, distribution of information), manage users, or create reports.


External accountsExternal accounts

Offer your educational content to your customers, suppliers, dealers, partners and others ... EDUNIO allows you to create a registration for external users.


User authorizationsSystem roles

Assign users different permissions to work with EDUNIO.

What is it good for?

SuperAdmin - has unlimited control over the platform.
Admin - manages users and courses and fulfils selected functions.
Lecturer - creates educational content.
Manažer - has access to the required reports.
Student - is a basic user role.


Custom coursesPPT Learning

Create your own courses easily in PowerPoint, Google SlidesKeynotes or Canva.

Thanks to the PPT Learning extension module, EDUNIO will create an online course from your presentations with one click.


Green agendaElectronic signing

Save the environment and get rid of paperwork!

Certificates, declarations, or confirmations of acquaintance in EDUNIO can be signed by hand with your finger on a touch device (mobile phone, tablet) or by moving the mouse on the pad.

If necessary, you can print signed and saved documents at any time.


DMSFamiliarization with documents

Introduce users to documents effectively.

You can also set the level of provability (opening a document, confirmation of reading with a button, hand-held electronically signed statement).

What is it good for?

Send internal regulations, circulars, or other documents to your employees easily and effectively. Send internal regulations, circulars, or other documents to your employees easily and effectively.


Optional study Course catalogue

Expand your horizons.

Give your employees a chance to take optional courses in EDUNIO.

Create your own catalogue of courses that users can order and study on their own.


Corporate repositoryLibrary

Create a well arranged Library in EDUNIO. What is it good for? Through the Library you can arrange any documents, links and/or videos and make them accessible to users.


F2F and combined educationBlended Learning

You can easily organize F2F or combined educational events directly in EDUNIO (lecturers/suppliers, invitations, applications, classrooms, confirmation of participation, evaluation, certification, reporting, study tours, qualifications, etc.).



Create questionnaires and surveys with a workflow.

  • Student – Manager
  • Student – Manager – Student
  • Delegating Reporting

Personal data protectionGDPR

When obtaining consents for working with personal data, use the smart EDUNIO functions (targeting according to the organizational structure, demonstrable granting of consents, clear records).


Individual settings Customization

EDUNIO offers a wide range of individual settings.


The EDUNIO instance is only yours, so you can install it in any domain. You can also use our domains: or


Create a "home" environment for users. You can set colours, logos, fonts, etc. according to your own visual.

Deadlines and notifications

Adjust deadlines and notifications (invitations, comments, reminders, etc.) completely to your liking (texts, deadlines, etc.). You can also add your own notifications to the default presets.

System settings

Set up EDUNIO in the way that best suits you. Choose modules, language packs (CZ, EN, DE, SK, and others), permissions for individual user roles, add your own notes about users, rules for creating passwords, etc.


Do you want to know more?Detailed presentation

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